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Subscriber Credentials


By: Constantin Jacob @tzeejay We don’t want to know who you are. We consider user attributable information to be a liability. This moral foundation defines the core of every technology decision we make at Guardian. Rather than take my word for it, we encourage anyone, willing or interested, to use an intercepting proxy (such as Charles or Burp) to review traffic from our app being sent over the network. We’re going to go on a journey to break down what information is being sent, what it means for you, and how we maintain a high standard of user privacy and security for Guardian subscribers.

tvOS AirDrop Adventures


By: Kevin Bradley @nitoTV Time for another trip down memory lane, into forbidden territory on tvOS. While working on Chimera/Electra jailbreaks for tvOS, I was reminded of something I stumbled across over a year ago. If you hold down the Play/Pause & Volume down buttons on the Siri Remote for different intervals you will either get a stackshot or analytics to run on the device. These actions appear as follows:

Apple TV showcasing VPN feature via jailbroken tvOS


By: Kevin Bradley @nitoTV While recently working on a new feature for Guardian Pro users, I had an epiphany moment that I could not pass up taking a moment to explore. The feature would grant the ability to generate extra VPN authentication credentials and share mobileconfig files from the iOS application (Guardian Firewall) to other platforms such as macOS. Of course, it got me thinking, why can’t this work on tvOS?