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“This may legitimately be the most important app available…”

“This may legitimately be the most important app available… I’m convinced this app is a godsend. I just wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you.”


“This is how you do privacy.”

“This is how you do privacy. If you care at all about who or what is tracking your every move in today’s world this is the one app that should be on your phone. The group is very responsive to issues and keeping this app updated. I’ve made sure everyone in my family has this installed on their iPhones.”

— Zerog46

“Love this!! Set it and forget it!”

“Love this!! Set it and forget it! Worth it for blocking page hijackers alone! It’s equal parts amazing and terrifying how many trackers Guardian detects and blocks. I never have to worry about my data with Guardian on, especially on public wifi. You press a button and it’s on.”

— Kathie3456

“Over 23,000 blocks so far.”

“I've been using the app for over a month now and am very happy with it. Over 23,000 blocks so far.”

— Theodore Duncan

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