Guardian Firewall

Guardian Firewall Capabilities

  • Firewall

    Blocks unwanted connections to location trackers, mail trackers, generic data trackers, and other online nuisances

  • VPN

    All internet activity is sent through a persistent, fast, and secure IKEv2-based VPN tunnel, ensuring your data is protected.

  • Strong Encryption

    Data sent through the VPN tunnel is encrypted using AES-256 to protect against interception by unauthorized parties

  • Masked Identity

    Your IP address and other device identifiers will be masked from third-parties in order to help protect your identity

  • Totally Private

    Your connection is authenticated with an automatically generated random identity, enabling access only by using the digital In-App Purchase receipt stored on your mobile phone after subscribing (No personal information needed)

  • Multiple Devices

    A subscription covers up to 5 devices using the same Apple ID

  • Safe Browsing

    Aggressive ads and web page hijackers are blocked by the Firewall, giving you an uninterrupted web browsing experience

  • Alert Filtering

    Swipe up on the Alert menu to view all blocked, unwanted connections. Easily filter by type, or tap an Alert for more detailed information.

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