Independent Security Audit Report: Phase One

It has been a very long time in the making but we’ve finally done it! Thanks to the efforts of the fine folks at, we were finally able to get started on a complete security audit conducted by an unbiased third party. The report published today is the conclusion of phase one of the audit which focused on client/server interactions as well as the complete public API surface of our infrastructure.

When looking for a VPN provider, it is important to determine whether the provider can be trusted with all of your internet traffic. Not all VPN providers are created equal and some have abused the trust of their customers. As Guardian continues to grow, customers have often asked for proof of our privacy and security claims by means of an audit report, and rightfully so. Until now, Guardian had only its core value of honesty and its founder’s reputation in the industry to offer as reassurance. More and more customers have been quite vocal about wanting a third-party audit of Guardian, and we’re finally able to provide just that.

When we embark on a project of this size, we want to be able to make it stick, be thorough and not rush through it to ensure that the fixes that we apply don’t create other unintentional problems. Preparation, pointing Assured’s team in the right direction during the audit as well as fixing the reported problems, has taken well over two weeks of my undivided attention, but we’re convinced that the effort was worth it.

The Assured team asked us comprehension questions at various times to more accurately classify what they had found, but they were otherwise as unbiased as we had hoped for. We can proudly present these reports in the same way that we present our service. Transparency and honesty are important to us!

We could summarize the results or offer explanations for some of the items which required resolutions, but this would be adding personal comment to the report, and so we strongly encourage every customer to take a look at it for themselves. Assured has created a very digestible report format. If you’re short on time and want to get to the meat of the report, skip ahead to the overview for the results. Read the report here

A very sincere thank you from our entire team to the Patri(c)ks, Emilie, Wictor and Albin at Assured for their amazing work on phase one. We’re looking forward to their phase two report!

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