Guardian Firewall + VPN

Take back control of your privacy and digital life.



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An iPhone App That Protects Your
Privacy -- For Real This Time

Guardian is the first-of-its-kind, super simple, VPN for iOS that includes network traffic encryption and the very first real-time intelligent firewall available on the App Store. Guardian puts you back in control of your data.

The most powerful Firewall + VPN combo

Enterprise-grade protection for your iPhone

Prevent Unauthorized

Block Aggressive Ads

Advanced Encryption

Mask IP Address

Secure Your Data

Faster Connection

See and control who's tracking you.

All Privacy Features

Location Tracker

Periodically collects your GPS coordinates, Wi-Fi information, and/or other location-related information multiple times per day.

Mail Tracker

Enables the sender of an E-Mail to find out when, where, and with what device you have opened their message.

Page Hijackers

Aggressive ads that redirect you to a malicious or scam web page by hijacking the entirety of your screen as you browse the web.

Data Tracker

Collects app usage analytics, device information and other forms of data which do not require explicit user permission to extract.

The world's first Real-Time Intelligent Firewall for iOS.

Available now.

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