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All the capabilities of Guardian Firewall that you know and love, but with the additional benefit of even more privacy-control features for a truly customized experience.

Get even more with Guardian Firewall Pro.

Push Notifications

Receive real-time push notifications for alerts. Filter by type of alert and get a glimpse at just how often trackers are looking for information on your device. This feature could potentially shed some light on which applications are extra pushy with trackers.

Export VPN Credentials

Preserve your privacy across more devices by sharing a VPN configuration to macOS, Windows, and now Android. Each credential is valid for 30 days, can be renewed or deleted as necessary, and can be custom named to help keep you organized.

New Firewall Rule Sets

Unwanted connections to your device are blocked by default to ensure privacy while maintaining compatibility with most installed apps. Using our Blocklist feature, you can configure and lock down your device by adding hostnames of invasive trackers yourself or selecting from our curated collection of hostnames.

Guardian for macOS (Beta)

Maintain your privacy across multiple platforms with native support for macOS. While still in beta, plans for full release are coming soon.

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Guardian for macOS running in the menu bar

Family Sharing

Protect the whole fam when you subscribe to Guardian Pro. Add up to 5 family members through the user dashboard.

Get even more with Guardian Firewall Pro.

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All the capabilities in Guardian Firewall, along with additional privacy-control features