Guardian Mobile Firewall

The world’s smartest mobile VPN.

Block invasive data trackers. Eliminate redirecting mobile ads. Protect your network traffic with strong encryption. Enter your e-mail address below to participate in our upcoming beta.

Network Traffic Encryption

Protect all passwords, communications, and other sensitive network data with AES-256 encryption, mitigating any attempts to monitor your electronic activity.

Realtime Intelligent Firewall

We periodically scan code available within the App Store for security vulnerabilities, privacy issues, invasive trackers, and more. Additionally, we can detect phishing, malware, aggressive advertising, and other traditional security nuisances.

We detect emerging threats before they get a chance to interact with your mobile device.

Control Your Data

Your personal information and whereabouts is nobody's business but your own, and you should be in full control of where it goes.

We give you peace of mind when granting mobile apps permission to access personal data, blocking non-essential collection of personal data while allowing apps to remain functional for their stated purpose.