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We’re on a mission to change the paradigm from your technology owning you to you owning your technology.

The tech industry has reached a dangerous inflection point in which devices are becoming increasingly locked down and inaccessible, taking away control of what you can do with the device YOU purchased!  We’re fighting this pattern, stopping it in its tracks and providing creative ways to take back your control through our deep R&D approach.


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Guardian Firewall is the first application for iOS that allows you to take back control of your iPhone, block apps that track your whereabouts and add an extra level of encryption without sacrificing performance.

Guardian Visionary is meant to allow privacy conscious users to fund the defensive tools of the future - today. Like Guardian Firewall, these will be engineered to defend from overreaches of privacy invading companies and help shape the future of the return to a privacy respecting internet for everybody.

Guardian Visionary members receive quarterly update of current projects, which include:

  • Guardian Router Configurator

    A web-based tool to create properly-secured OpenWRT-based network router firmware images (initially supporting GL i.Net models) with IKEv2 IPsec capabilities using strongSwan, and the ability to connect to Guardian servers.

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  • Sonos Access Enablement

    An effort to gain root access to Sonos devices through software vulnerabilities in order to allow users to install custom firmware with additional capabilities and broader system access.

    Coming Soon

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