Guardian Mobile Firewall

The first smart firewall for iOS.

Guardian allows you to take control of your digital life and privacy. Enter your e-mail for updates and a chance to get access to our technical preview, currently in closed beta..

Early Adopter Program

Our primary mission is to create unique, versatile, and reliable data security solutions to drastically improve the security posture of devices running, iOS, macOS, and additional embedded systems. We believe that all users, regardless of technical experience, deserve to have peace-of-mind and adequate personal privacy when using their electronic devices.

Our team of expert hackers has built Guardian Mobile Firewall, a next-generation smart VPN tool for mobile and embedded devices, giving you a new level of visibility and control over your network traffic. Guardian’s exclusive custom-designed server architecture uniquely pushes traffic enforcement duties to the remotely hosted firewall, ensuring there is no impact in battery consumption on smartphones, and uniquely opening up new opportunities for low-power and/or low-bandwidth embedded devices.

By paying a one-time fee to become an Early Adopter, you can help support our efforts and enjoy early access to new tools, research, and new concepts we are working on.

In addition, we collect as little information as required for limited-scope purposes, such as your e-mail address if you would like us to send you beta software invitations. We very strongly believe that digital companies can and should still prosper the old-fashioned way; Accepting currency to offer tools and/or services of value to customers, and nothing more. No tracking, no analytics, no data monetization. Becoming an Early Adopter helps reinforce and validate this core principle which we will always abide by.

Pre-Order pricing is available now, and regular pricing will be used after November 15, 2018, as we work to roll out our initial offerings.

Please note, if you only would like to beta test the Guardian Mobile Firewall app but do not have interest in being an Early Adopter, you may add your e-mail in the box at the top.

Early Adopter
Early Adopter Pro
Early unlimited access to beta software for iOS and macOS
Early access to new research prior to public release
Ability to make priority feature requests for iOS and macOS tools
Included months of service upon general release of Guardian Mobile Firewall + VPN
3 months
12 months

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All listed prices are a non-recurring one-time cost.

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