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Blocks unwanted connections to location trackers, mail trackers, generic data trackers, and other online nuisances


All internet activity is sent through a private and secure IKEv2-based VPN tunnel in order to protect your information

Strong Encryption

Data sent through the VPN tunnel is encrypted using AES-256 to protect against interception by unauthorized parties

Masked Identity

Your IP address and other device identifiers will be masked from third-parties in order to help protect your identity

Totally Private

Your VPN connection is authenticated with an automatically generated random identity, endabling access only by using the digital In-App Purchase receipt stored on your mobile phone after subscribing (No personal information needed)

Multiple Devices

Maintain quality speed and performance while connected.

Fast Connection

Get speeds up to 100Mbps in most areas of the United States and Europe

Safe Browsing

Aggressive ads and web page hijackers are blocked by the Firewall, giving you an uninterrupted web browsing experience

Alert Filtering

Swipe across the top of the Alerts tab to view different categories of Alerts for blocked and detected unwanted connections

24/7 Support

Get a response to any questions within 24 hours via e-mail

Persistent Tunnel

The secure tunnel is re-established upon any network interruptions, ensuring you stay protected


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