How It Works

Q. Will Guardian protect me even if I have location services turned on for specific apps?

A. Yes, Guardian will block the location tracker that belongs to 3rd party, but app will still be able to access your location and function as you'd expect.

Q. Can Guardian stop a spy app that grabs user's contacts, audio recordings, photos, videos and more?

A. Yes, Guardian can block the information from getting out which would make the spyware useless.

Q. Will Guardian block ads that takeover a page and block user from doing anything else?

A. Guardian is able to protect against 90% of page hijackers

Q. Does Guardian use MDM profile?

A. No, we have designed Guardian specifically in a manner that is 100% compliant with App Store policies, using only public APIs, and most certainly do not abuse APIs intended for MDM access like some apps have been doing in violation of the App Store guidelines.

Q. Alerts - What do they mean?

A. Page hi-jacker is an ad that takes over your screen giving you no way to exit out other than clicking their link. Data Tracker is a tracker that is known to take information such as analytics, device information, etc Location Tracker is a tracker that takes your gps coordinates. Mail Tracker is a tracker that tells a company sometimes where, when, and with what device that the mail was opened.

Q. Does Guardian access or request location services?

A. No, instead Guardian relies on system time zone in order to connect user to a proximate VPN node for connectivity

Q. Why does Guardian need to activate VPN upon initial setup?

A. The VPN is needed due to the nature of how our app works, it is a remotely hosted firewall in order to not burn battery on the device as well as being always compatible with iOS

Q. Does guardian store any customer information?

A. Please see our Privacy Policy section Information We Collect About You


Q. Will there be more information about each tracker such as which app was using the tracker?

A. Working on improving the amount of details shown

Q. Will there be an API available for other VPN devs to integrate Guardian's blocking capabilities?

A. If we get interest from more providers, we will highly consider it

Q. Will there be a way to see which app is allowing the tracker?

A. This is a high priority request. We are currently working on the best way to implement this feature.

Q. What VPN Encryption do you use?

A. IPsec/IKEv2

Q. Does Guardian work with other VPNs?

A. We do not currently have support for other VPNs to run alongside Guardian.

Q. Is the price per device or per apple ID or is there an option for "family plan" multi-device

A. Currently only one subscription per Apple ID, but family plan is coming soon.


Q. What is the difference between an antivirus and a firewall?

A. "antivirus" traditionally resides on a device and can scan the device. iOS does not allow this. we instead scan the network traffic going to/from the device as that's all we have access to, so we perform the functions of anti-virus per se, but we do not scan what is stored on device


Q. Why are certain apps not working while Guardian is on?

A. Please send which apps are not working for you to and we will work on whitelisting.