Revolutionizing the Wall

iPhones are our handheld computers. Carrying all of our important information, and for some folks, even more than their computer. As Apple is known for having strict app policies, there has been little fear of the apps downloaded. The assumption is that all apps in the Apple App Store are safe. But are they? Apple has done a tremendous job requiring strict guidelines for apps to get approved in the App Store.

Introducing Guardian Firewall for iOS

Guardian Firewall will be available in the App Store starting June 14 for those who pre-ordered, and will be available to the general public in July. The cost is $9.99/month (or $99.99 per year) for VPN + Firewall capabilities. VPN-only service will be available at no cost. Follow @guardianiosapp on Twitter Starting over 2 years ago, we embarked on an ambitious mission: Build a tool that allows any electronic device owner in the world to take back control of their digital privacy.