Because Your Privacy Matters

The most secure way to protect your privacy and data on your iOS & macOS devices. Guardian Firewall and DNSFilter security work hand-in-hand to safeguard your device on the internet.

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DNSFilter is now integrated into the Guardian Firewall apps, giving you an added layer of security while you browse the Internet. By setting your DNS resolver to DNSFilter within Guardian, you’ll automatically start blocking:

  • Malware

    Avoid malicious sites that force-download malware, including ransomware

  • Cryptomining

    Block sites from leveraging your computer’s resources while you browse the Internet

  • Very New Domains

    Prevent previously unresolved domain names that are more likely to be malicious from being accessed

Combine the security and privacy strengths of DNSFilter & Guardian Firewall thanks to the recent acquisition of Guardian by DNSFilter
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We take privacy seriously

Your IP address will be hidden from any websites visited as traffic is routed through our firewall servers, making it more difficult for advertisers to track you.

The safest way to surf

Guardian adds an extra layer of strong encryption to all outgoing network traffic and filters out known junk to improve your mobile experience.

Get even more with Guardian Firewall Pro.

  • Push notifications when your device attempts to connect to a tracker

  • Safe and uninterrupted web browsing experience

  • VPN that protects what you do online

  • Masked IP to help protect your identity

  • Family Sharing included with up to 5 family members

  • Firewall that blocks unwanted connections

  • Strong encryption to protect against interception by unauthorized parties

  • Quality and speed while connected to multiple devices