About Guardian

Guardian is advancing Personal Data Protection (PDP) by giving users control over who sees the data generated on their smart devices. We started by creating and delivering a super simple VPN for iOS that includes network traffic encryption and the very first real-time intelligent firewall available on the App Store.

As the adoption of IoT devices continues to proliferate, the need for PDP is growing exponentially. We love the convenience and functionality of smart devices; however, we install them with little knowledge of how the companies that manufacture the devices -- and the apps we run on them – collect, use and potentially monetize our data to third parties. In fact, price point frequently trumps the cost for additional security features in the smart devices we buy. We blindly trust the manufacturers of those devices and the companies whose software we install on them. And, with increasing bandwidth speeds, it’s harder to detect anomalous surges in data transfer from our devices to hardware manufacturers or software vendors.

The truth is, we simply don’t know what companies are doing with our personal data. Personal data that can include highly confidential information such as medical information, travel patterns or exact location as well as a wide range of information about our lifestyle choices. Guardian empowers you to take back control over your smart devices and to decide exactly who has access to your personal data and who you want to share it with.

Our Roots

Starting over 2 years ago, we embarked on an ambitious mission: Build a tool that allows any electronic device owner in the world to take back control of their digital privacy. This tool needed to be incredibly easy to use, straightforward, and must allow a user to “set it and forget it” if they did not want to apply any customizations.

We could have cut plenty of corners and shipped an acceptable tool. Instead we took our time and did things right, putting together the most powerful tool and dataset we were capable of building. Why? Because we are working towards a broader set of goals:

The electronic devices you bought and own should not be snitching on you at regular intervals. Something has gone very wrong, and the course must be corrected to prevent pervasive data collection from becoming an acceptable norm. It’s time for war. No stone will be left unturned.

Thousands of hours and a 5 month back-and-forth with Apple’s App Review team later, this mission has resulted in our creation of the first real firewall for iOS devices. Managed by a unique dataset that is the result of our continuous and exhaustive in-house research, Guardian Firewall updates instantaneously as we discover new threats to ensure that you don’t have to do any work at all. We will find threats before they can find you.

For the lifetime of our company, Guardian Firewall will utilize a simple tried-and-true business model: Accepting currency for a product that people find valuable. Full stop. We will never track our users. We will never collect personal information about our users. We consider user data to be a liability. Each and every technical design decision is built around that concept.

The world's first Real-Time Intelligent Firewall for iOS.

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